3rdTech Announces New, Automatic, SceneVision-3D Features

 Room Dimension Wizards, Person and Cam era Viewpoints and Locations, and Annotation Layers and Links Enhance and Speed-up Crime Scene Analysis

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., December 14, 2005 –  3rdTech announced today new automatic and ease-of-use features for the version 3.2 release of SceneVision-3D, its groundbreaking 3D scene capture and creation software. Available immediately to current SceneVision-3D users, the new software incorporates several new capabilities:

-        Wall and corner “wizards” which automatically produce the edges of a room with all of its dimensions

-        A “viewpoint” tool which provides the precise view of a scene available to an onlooker at a specific location in or near the scene

-        A camera location tool which automatically displays the camera location and orientation of any photograph taken with the Del taSphere-3000’s cali brated camera.

In addition, SceneVision-3D continues to lead the ind ustry in ease-of-use with the following additions:

-        Annotation “links” which connect measurement lines so that if one is moved, all the linked lines will move.

-        Annotation “layers” which enable making groups of annotations visible or invisible.

-        “Drag and drop” for all of SceneVision-3D’s supported data types.

-        One page reference documents, called “Quick Guides”, with easy-to-follow instructions for SceneVision-3D’s most common tasks including scanning, model creation and editing, and model analysis.

The DeltaSphere-3000 3D Scene Digitizer captures millions of 3D measurements and scores of associated color images of a crime or accident scene. SceneVision-3D v3.1 made it easier to capture a scene and to create high-quality models. Version 3.2 builds on the earlier developments making it easier to annotate the scene producing measurements and viewpoints.

“We believe that 3D-scanning and model creation is not just for professional surveyors or CAD experts. It’s for anyone who needs to capture and recreate a scene”, said Nick England, President of 3rdTech. “This became a reality with the first release of SceneVision-3D and we’re committed to continue making it faster, easier, and more powerful.”

SceneVision-3D v3.2 will be shown, for the first time, at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences’ 58th Annual Meeting, February 20-25 in Seattle .