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Faro Focus3D-X130 and Focus3D-X330
Laser Scanners and 
SceneVision-3D Software

The 3D Laser Scanner that Captures Everything!

Scan a crime, accident, fire or security scene with the Focus3D Laser Scanner. Capture tens of millions of measurements with high-resolution, digital color to match. Lightweight, fast, and surprisingly easy to use - the Focus3D makes 3D scanning affordable and accessible for your application.  


Focus3D Laser Scanner

bulletFast Scanning - scan 360 x 305 degree field-of-view in 1 - 4 minutes
bulletEasy-to-use - simple, touch-screen interface; no cables or external device required. One touch of the Start button to measure 28 million 3D points and take 85 photographs
bulletPhotorealistic color - Automatic, internal, digital color creates photorealistic, full-color models
bulletSmall and Lightweight - Barely larger than a lunchbox; just 11 lb. Uses a lightweight photographer's tripod - not a large, heavy, surveyor's tripod
bulletLong range - Focus3D 130 up to 360 ft.; Focus3D X 330 up to 1,000 ft.  Great for indoor and outdoor scenes. 
bulletInternal, long-life battery - up to 5 hours
bulletMultiple Sensors - GPS, compass, altimeter (barometer), and dual-axis compensator
bulletSimple data transfer to laptop or computer - standard SD card.


  Focus3D-X130 Focus 3D-X330


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