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NanoManipulator™ DP-100/200


Selected by R&D Magazine as an 
 R&D 100 Award Winner for 2001 

Available for the 
- Asylum Research MFP-3D™ AFM 
- Nanotec® Electronica SPM 

NanoManipulator 6DOF Haptic and 3D Visual 
SPM Display and Controller

The NanoManipulator DP-100/200 enhances the power of Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs) with force feedback and advanced 3D computer graphics to provide the most intuitive and informative user interface available. Designed for real-time manipulation and visualization, the NanoManipulator changes the way you can display your data and interact with your samples – for new insights, more efficient investigations, and completely new ‘steered’ experiments never before possible.

Co-developed by the departments of Computer Science and Physics of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the NanoManipulator has been in development and used extensively by scientists in active research since 1992. Scientists have used the system to examine the mechanical and electrical properties of carbon nanotubes (Cover reprinted by permission from Nature Vol.389 pp. 582-584 Copyright © 1997 Macmillan Magazines Ltd.), the spreading of melting polymers, the rupture strength of DNA and of the adenovirus capsid, the behavior of nanochain aggregates, the differences between normal and hemophiliac blood clot fibers, the structure and strength of pili fibers, the behavior of optically-responsive materials under manipulation, the strength of microtubules, colloidal metal particles, and voltage pulses on metals. (For additional information about this work, see )

The NanoManipulator DP-100/200 is based on this technology - enhanced, productized, marketed and supported by 3rdTech. Inc. 


Tactile probe feedback - Force feedback for surface relief information; available during otherwise ‘blind’ activities, e.g. surface manipulation

Accurate position information - Haptic feedback enables correction to hysteresis and creep for precise identification of a location before and during modification

Multiple 3D Visualizations - Multiple representations of 3D surface topography; change color maps and lighting  or add contour lines of other data for new insights and relationships

Multiple Manipulation Tools - Explore samples with varying force, motion and control

Virtual Tip - Manipulate samples with varied virtual probe shapes

Multi-mode Operation - Automatically switch between oscillating-tip for imaging and contact-mode for modifications and lateral force measurements without disengaging the tip

Automatic Lab Notebook - Re-explore data scans and parameters from an entire NanoManipulator session with both visual and tactile interfaces; perform new analyses. Playback in ‘fast-forward’ mode at up to 100X real time.

PC Viewer - Share NanoManipulator sessions saved with the Automatic Lab Notebook with others via the PC Viewer. View images and operations on any PC with a 3D graphics card.

Intuitive Control of the SPM - Perform operations more rapidly and efficiently

Seamless integration with the SPM - No disruption of ongoing work; straightforward addition to new or installed instruments

NanoManipulator DP-100/200 System*

DP-100 for use with Veeco's Explorer AFM
DP-200 for use with Nanotec Electronica SPM or Asylum Research MFP-3D AFM


SensAble Technologies PHANTOM™ Desktop (haptic) device 
o    3 Degrees-of-Freedom Force Feedback with 
     6 Degrees-of-Freedom input

Force-feedback SPM interaction and control software

Augmented SPMLab application software for communication with the NanoManipulator for DP-100

Interface with WSxM software for the Nanotec Electronica SPM

Interface with IGOR for the Asylum Research AFM

Integrated 3D Visualization software

Button box

Dual-processor NT workstation

High-performance 3D graphics accelerator

High resolution flat panel LCD color monitor

Network interface

Installation and Training (1 day each)

1-year warranty

1-year software upgrade and maintenance

*specifications subject to change without notice  

Download NanoManipulator System data sheet in PDF format (212KB).

Download the NanoManipulator DP-100/200 Functional Overview in PDF format (156KB).

Download the NanoManipulator Publication List - a list of published articles about the NanoManipulator System - in PDF format (22KB).