Hi Res Photos

Capture, Preserve, and Present 
Archaeological Sites and Antiquities

What can a 3D Laser  Scanner and SceneVision-3D do for your work?

Capture ancient ruins, precisely and in photorealistic color. 
Add high-resolution, color textures from close-up photos of walls, tiles, or artwork and embed them in the 3D model for the ability to 'zoom' in
Create walk-throughs of the site with pre-defined paths. 
Add documentation 'hot spots' with information about particular artifacts. 
Measure distances and angles
Export data for CAD models and drawings and GIS data management
Provide virtual visits for protected sites
Create virtual worlds on CD

The images below are from The Herculaneum Conservation Project (a collaboration of the The Packard Humanities Institute, Soprintendenza Archeologica di Pompei and the British School at Rome ) with prof. Anselmo Lastra of the University of North Carolina. The photographs are courtesy of Ascanio D'Andrea. For additional information,

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Setting up the DeltaSphere-3000 3D Scanner


Single 360 Scan


Partially Colored Scan File 


Partial 3D Model of Scan


Final 3D Model


Final 3D Model - Grayscale


Extracted Simple CAD Drawing