Hi Res Photos

Capture, Preserve, and Present 
Art and Cultural Exhibitions and Artifacts

What can a 3D Laser Scanner and SceneVision-3D software do for your work?

Capture an entire exhibition, as created, precisely and in photorealistic color. 
Add high-resolution, color textures for artwork so when you 'zoom in' to the art in 3D model, they still look great.
Create walk-throughs of the exhibition with pre-defined paths. 
Add documentation 'hot spots' with information about particular views. 
Provide virtual exhibits for visitors who missed a temporary exhibition - or just want to revisit it.
Create exhibitions on CD

The images below are from a computer graphics model of the exhibit:

Plum, Pine, and Bamboo
Seasonal and Spiritual Paths in Japanese Art

Ackland Art Museum, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
October 19, 2003 through January 4, 2004

The exhibition was scanned with the DeltaSphere-3000 in approximately 12 hours - with over 25 scans and additional close-up photos of each work of art. The model was produced in approximately 2 weeks using 3rdTech's SceneVision™-3D and PolyWorks® software from InnovMetric.

Copyright © 2004 Ackland Art Museum and 3rdTech, Inc.

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