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SceneVision-3D is the easy-to-use tool 
that unleashes the information in 3D Laser Scan data.

- View - Model - Align
- Measure - Analyze - Present

SceneVision™-3D Visualization and Analysis Software

Simple yet Powerful 

SceneVision-3D is the first tool for 3D scan data designed for both first-time and expert users. It combines intuitive navigation and button controls and interactive performance with a broad range of viewing, modeling, and analysis functions. In just minutes you'll be looking at scanned scene data, making measurements, and building computer graphics models.  

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Multiple Visualizations

3D scanned data can be displayed in many forms - each with its special utility or insight. 
SceneVision provides a wealth of visualization possibilities - 2D projections of the 3D laser scan, laser data with color added, 3D models as shaded graphics, wire frames, point clouds, or 3D outlines produced by SceneVision measurement and annotation functions..

Scan  and Color Alignment

Capturing a complete scene or object often requires scanning from more than one location - in order to see both sides of an object or part of a surface 'behind' another object. SceneVision provides functions to quickly and easily 'align' these scans to produce a single model from multiple scans. And no additional 'targets' must be added to the scene. 

A similar alignment is used to insert high-resolution, close-up photos in 3D computer graphics models for applications ranging from museum displays to blood spatter analysis.

Measurements and Annotations

SceneVision is much more than a tool for viewing data and building models. It provides simple, fast measurement functions for finding the distance between any points in a scan, perpendicular distances, angle measurements, and intersections of lines and surfaces. You can also create schematics of rooms, with accurate measurements, quickly and easily, with SceneVision-3D's Wall Wizard. 

You can also mark points and objects in a room, or save a particular viewpoint. You can add notes to any of your annotations, and attach documents, photos, or web sites for additional information.


SceneVision goes one step further by offering application-specific analysis functions. The first is a blood spatter analysis tool. Working with high-resolution photos of blood spatter embedded in the 3D model, you can produce calculated blood spatter trajectories and view them within the scene. SceneVision-3D will even import the calculations from BackTrack software and display the results, visually, in the model.

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