Forensic Science Applications

What can the DeltaSphere-3000 3D Scene Scanner do for your work?

bulletCapture the location of all points in a crime or accident scene without contaminating the scene. The DeltaSphere-3000 does a complete 360° scan in 12 minutes. It uses only the space needed by a tripod and laptop computer.
bulletCapture color in just a few minutes more.
bulletMeasure the distance between any two points - with the cursor on your laptop. Take measurements back in your office from the data captured. Minimize time and effort at the scene.
bulletCreate a computer graphics, 3D, interactive model of the scene - from the actual scanned data. 
bulletView the model from any vantage point. Look at the scene directly from above, from outside the window, from inside a closet.
bulletPresent the 3D model of the scene to colleagues or in court. Show the scene from any viewpoint, at any scale.

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The image below is a scan of a room. The operator selected a vertical field of view of 65° and a horizontal field of view of 360°. Each vertical 'scan line' contains approximately 860 points, and there are 4800 of these scan lines, resulting in approximately 4 million points. murder360scan.jpg (52151 bytes)

A scan like this takes approximately 12 minutes. (The operator chose not to scan the ceiling but could have. This would have captured all the data overhead in the same amount of time. The range accuracy is better than 1/4in. The data that appears curved, like the edge of the floor or the top of the closet, results from displaying this 3D data as a 2D projection. These are not distortions in the data. When displayed in 3D these edges display correctly. 


This image shows the control software for the DeltaSphere-3000 and the same scanned data displayed in the image above. This is more than an image - it contains the 3D coordinates for every point in the image. As soon as this data is acquired you can measure the distance between any two points. The small circle on the  right highlights a single point identified on the wall. The circle on the left highlights the location of the cursor (not shown) at a point on the foot. The circle below shows the distance between that point on the wall and wherever the cursor is moved in the scene. In this case, the foot is 26.69 inches from the wall. New SceneVision software makes this operation even simpler.


1-murder-gridinvert.jpg (92040 bytes)Using the scanned data and images captured, you can create a 3D model of the entire scene, or of objects in the scene. This image shows the data, which has been processed and simplified (using PolyWorks® software from InnovMetric), as a 'wire frame' model . This model can be viewed from any viewpoint in a graphics viewer. It can also be displayed with full color captured at the scene.



1-murder-color.jpg (119925 bytes)This image shows the same data viewed with actual scene color 'mapped' to the model above. This is not just an image - it's a full, 3D model. The DeltaSphere comes with tools for mapping color to the 3D data.


Once the model is created, it can be viewed from any viewpoint in real time on any standard PC. The two images below show the same scene from two other viewpoints. (The black parts of the images are areas not scanned - either outside the room or underneath the tripod. The 'floating' lines in the right image are parts of the window seen in the left image.)

murderlongview.jpg (104153 bytes) murderlongview2.jpg (100871 bytes)
The images below were all created from a single scan of a garage. They show views of the scene from a distance, close up views, and a view from directly overhead - something that's difficult or impossible to capture with a standard camera. (The DeltaSphere 3000's tripod was located in the center of the circle on the floor. The operator chose not to scan directly overhead - but could have with no additional time spent.)

garage1full4web.jpg (66525 bytes)

garage1forweb.jpg (118325 bytes)garage2forweb.jpg (110524 bytes)
The image below is an overhead view of the garage. When using a video camera, if you want a view from overhead you need to place the camera overhead. Using DeltaSphere 3D scene digitizer is different. Once you've created a model of a scene, you can look at it from any viewpoint - even from locations where you never placed the DeltaSphere.

garageoverpersp.jpg (126252 bytes)


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